What’s on the Menu?

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in May 2012

Basic Feeding


First of all, go and re-read this post from January, which covers basic feeding.  There is an entire science to equine nutrition, but for Horsemanship level 1 test we ask specifically about:

9. Basic feeding: succulents, grain, roughage & water

And here are the short answers we’re looking for.

1. Water:  Horses need to drink between 8 – 12 gallons (40 – 60 litres) a day of clean fresh water. 

2. Roughage:  A horse should get the bulk of his food from roughage, either by grazing or from hay.


3. Grain: This can be fed whole, crushed, or in processed forms such as pellets or cubes.  Not all horses need grain, and too much starch can make a horse too ‘hot’ or can cause laminitis (founder).  Typical grains for horses are corn, oats & barley (COB).

4. Succulents:  A horse should have either grass or at least some succulent food such as carrots, turnips, beets or apples every day.

Bonus question: What might be another reason, aside from extra calories, for feeding a pelleted complete feed?

Next week: Stabling.

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