A Stable Situation: needs and habits of the horse

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in May 2012


Aside from food, which was covered in last week’s post, a horse needs shelter and security.  These topics were both covered in previous posts (see links). For the Horsemanship 1 test we ask about

10. Stabling: needs and habits of the horse

Along with reference to food, secure fencing, and shelter, we want to see candidates mention the need for regular exercise, health and hoof care, and care for the horse’s mental state.  Horses are creatures of habit, and are much more content with a regular routine.  They are also herd animals, so need companionship, and are usually happier in their work when they have formed a good relationship with their riders and handlers.

At this level we are not looking for a thorough knowledge of stabling practices, farriery, vet care or conditioning — all that comes at higher levels in the program!

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