Horsemanship Quiz

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in October 2011Reposted for interest only.  Contest is closed, but anyone posting correct answers in the comments will still earn bragging rights!

1.   Which one of the following brushes would you use on a horse’s legs and face?

a.       Body brush

b.      Curry comb

c.       Dandy brush

Bonus question:  why this one and not the others? 

 2.  In which order would you put the following pieces of tack on the horse:

a.       Saddle

b.      Bridle

c.       Numnah

d.      Girth

Bonus question:  when should you buckle the breastplate to the saddle?

3.    Which of the following is NOT part of the horse’s hind leg?

a.       Pastern

b.      Stifle

c.       Hock

d.      Coronet band

e.      Gaskin

f.        Knee

g.       Cannon bone

h.      Fetlock joint

Bonus question: put the 7 remaining joints and bones in order from top to bottom.

4.      A good size of stall for a horse is:

a.       3 x 3 metres

b.      10 x 12 feet

c.       12 x 12 feet

d.      4.5 x 5 metres

Bonus question: what is a good size for a pony stall?


The answers to these and many more questions can be found at Academie Duello’s Riding & Horsemanship classes (as well as in your handy copy of the UK Pony Club’s Manual of Horsemanship).

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