And the Winner is …

Congratulations to Dan deGagne who had an almost perfect set of responses to our first Cavaliere Quiz.  He was lacking only the  specific reply as to when the breastplate would be BUCKLED to the SADDLE (after doing up the girth).  Technically Aurelia tied for first with only one wrong answer as well (a pony stall should be 10×12’).  But although her reply came in earlier she wasn’t around to collect the prize which went to Dan:  a dashing bright red riding crop, affectionately christened “Jack-whacker”.

For the record, the complete answers are: 

  1.  One would use a body brush on the legs and face as the bristles of the dandy brush and teeth of the curry comb are too stiff for the skin of the legs and face.
  2. The numnah (or saddle pad) is followed by the saddle, then girth.  The bridle goes on last.  A breastplate, if you have one, should be buckled to the saddle after the girth is done up.
  3. The points of the hind leg in descending order are: stifle, gaskin, hock, cannon, fetlock joint, pastern and coronet band.  Horses only have knees on the front (though the analogous joint to our knee is the stifle), and the bones and joints are the same on fore and hind legs from below  the knee/hock.
  4. According to the Manual of Horsemanship, a horse should have a box stall measuring at least 12×12’.  A pony stall can be 12×10’.
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