She Rides Again

Over the past two years I’ve been posting all things horsey on Academie Duello’s posterous blog,, where I have accumlated a number of articles that are of potential use to students in the Cavaliere Program, and perhaps to equine afficionados in general.  To make it easier to search these articles I will be cross posting them here.

It may take a while for me to find and sort them all, but you should see this space gradually filling with re-posts tagged for easy reference, as well as other equine titbits and news from Red Colt Farm BCLM Pony Club, and my own foor-footed family.



The ‘oreo’ mares, Jolie, Gracie & Winnie.

And now an explanation of the blog’s title.  Back in the mists of time when I was a guitarist for Hell Bent for Leather, I watched the movie The Wicked Lady and absolutely hated the ending.  I wrote an alternative ending in the form of a crunchy folk-metal ballad. Someday I might make the recording available online (the Venus & Rocco version, not the horrible HBFL one), but in the meantime, I’ve just been dying to re-use the chorus line …

The Wicked Lady rides again!


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