Death Throes of Dinosaurs

What we are witnessing in America, and around the world really, is the noisy death throes of sexist, racist, and homophobic culture. dying dinosaur
The world as a whole is not as bad as it was 100, 50, or even 20 years ago. A hundred years ago women in North America couldn’t vote. Fifty years ago Jim Crow laws were still lingering in some US states. And same sex marriage has only been legal across Canada for just over a decade.
Yes, there are still pockets: countries, regions, and groups of people where women are oppressed, where being gay is illegal, and where having a different skin colour is dangerous.
But in most western societies it is not socially acceptable to seem sexist, racist, or homophobic. That alone is a huge step forward, despite the fact that rape culture still exists, that assholes are making laws telling us what bathrooms to use, and that being black in America is still bad for your health.
The dinosaurs out there — the notallmen, the sad puppies, Fox News, the ‘War on Christmas’ bletherers, the Trump supporters — they can smell the change in the wind and it frightens them.  It’s the death of the bad old ways, the perceived erosion of their privilege, whether it be white, male, cis … whatever, that has them shitting in their shoes.  It’s not a conscious fear.  It’s a knee-jerk, gut reaction, and believe it or not it’s a good sign.
If this ingrained privilege weren’t eroding we wouldn’t be hearing the titanic roars of fear-driven protest from the rabid right.  They would be quietly drinking beer, playing golf, and only bothering to vote if it didn’t interfere with watching a football game.  Society is changing and leaving them behind.  The deafening noise comes as they thrash and howl in the rising waters.  Watch with compassion, but don’t allow them to capsize your boat.
America, we know you are better than Trump and his howling dinosaurs.  Stay safe while the death throes run their course.
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