The Quick Release Knot

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in March 2012

Remember last week how I couldn’t find a decent video of leading a horse?  That was because I didn’t search ‘how to tie your horse’.  Go figure.  At any rate, here is a very good video of leading the horse:

As a bonus, it includes the quick release knot, which is item #4 on your Horsemanship 1 checklist.

However, since the rope in the video is a little hard to see, check out these diagrams as well:

One caveat:  the above site recommends feeding the loose end of the rope through the loop for a horse that knows how to untie the knot.  DO NOT DO THIS! It defeats the purpose of the quick release knot.  Instead, feed the bight (middle) of the free end through to create a second (and 3rd, 4th, as needed) loop as demonstrated in the top video.  This makes a daisy chain of quick release knots that come free with a single pull.

This week’s bonus question:  What is the other meaning of ‘tying up’ in the equine world?

The answers to last week’s  ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ question:

  1. Leading from the off side.  Always lead from the near (left) side where possible
  2. Excess lead rope wrapped around hand. Never wrap the rope around the hand: hold excess in figure 8 in non-leading hand.
  3. Holding the rope too close to the clip.  A 6-10′ distance is most effective.
  4. Turning the horse towards himself.  Turn the horse away from you where possible.

Next week: Simple Grooming

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