Horsey Holiday Fun

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in December 2011.  I seriously considered whether or not this was worth reposting to the WL archives, but heck, there’s too much fun in here not to.  Happy Christmas in September everyone!

A mixed bag of (sometimes barely) equine related frivolity for you this week:


Seriously?  When I heard this interview on Q a couple of weeks ago I had to do a reality check to make sure it wasn’t actually April 1st.  But apparently there’s a sub-culture of twenty-something guys who watch My Little Pony unironically for the quality of the writing.  A chacun son gout

Writing Goal? Foal!

You may have seen the motivational writing tool ‘Written Kitten’ which provides you with a fresh picture of a cute cat for every 100 words you plunk down.  My best friend has gone one better and made Writing Goal? Foal!  Yep, an adorable baby horse for every 100 words. (Hint:  cutting and pasting works if you just want to see more cute foals without straining your writing muscles).

Hey Diddle Diddle

Luna may not be jumping quite over the moon yet, but I wonder how she’d be at jousting?

The Cavaliere Carol

And saving the best for last:  those of you who were at the Duello party on Sunday were treated to the clever stylings and dulcet tones of own Michael Molnar as he regaled us with custom Christmas carols including “Ridolfo the Capo Ferro” and “The Twelve Days of Fencing”.  But of course my favourite has to be:

And with that I wish everyone all the best of the festive season, and many happy hours in the saddle for 2012!

Jennifer Landels, Maestra di Scuderia
Academie Duello Cavaliere Program

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