Another Black Mare at Red Colt

Originally posted on Academie Duello’s blog in November 2011

Introducing Calo Heros Jolie:

Jolie is a 12 year old registered Canadian Horse.  She has a sweet temperament, excellent manners and she loves to go.  Her job will be mainly eventing and Pony Club testing, but you can expect her to put in a few hours of Mounted Combat here and there once she becomes accustomed to swords. 

Quick Canadian breed trivia question:  you can tell Jolie and Jack are the same age by their names.  Therefore, how old is Flavie?

o o o

Summer Update:  Jolie has been an absolute star this spring and summer.  Not only does she have the most beautiful ground manners, she’s taken me through my EC Rider 6 and my eldest daughter’s Pony Club C2 level test.  In her first event with us she went straight to Pre-Training level, and is right now at Pony Club rally.

C2 testing in the rain

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